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Hi, I´m Monika. Photographer in Prague.

If you´re looking for an authentic and natural photographs in Prague and its surroundings, I am here just for you. I will capture every precious moment of your life into unforgettable images, true emotions, from smiles of joy to tears of emotion. My photos are more than just pictures – they are your precious memories, created with the aim of bringing you joy and comfort with every glance. Accept the invitation to a world where every shot reflects not only a moment but your entire lifestyle.

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My family team

Prague photographer MonikaI specialize in family, wedding, and fashion photography. I strive to capture emotional moments, the dynamics of movement, and the unique atmosphere. If you are looking for truly authentic and lifestyle shots, I’m here for you.

Before my photography career, I worked as a language teacher and translator. We can easily communicate in multiple languages. I’m also a runner, an explorer, a wife to Lukas, and a mother to Viki.

Prague photographersAt our work, we are always together – my husband Lukas, our daughter Viki, and me. Lukas plays a key role in our team as the driver, ensuring transportation. We live in the Beskidy mountains, but we work throughout the Czech Republic. Additionally, as a graphic designer, he manages our website and oversees marketing. He also takes care of all the technical equipment, equipment upgrades, and workflow.

Our daughter Viky is an endless source of inspiration. She is our daily alarm clock, reminding us of important life values and helping maintain a balance between work and family time. Her energy and innocent view of the world bring new perspectives to our team. As a family team, we offer a comprehensive and personal approach, allowing us to create unique and authentic photographs that reflect our family values and our love for photography. Prague photographer.

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Great! What are the next steps? I would be delighted if you could share details about your ideas and preferences. I will respond as soon as possible, and together, we will discuss the planning and next steps. Considering the rapidly filling calendar for the upcoming period, I recommend contacting me as soon as possible. Whether you’re expecting a baby, planning a wedding, or organizing a family event, I look forward to being part of these moments and helping create memories that you will cherish forever.

I am very excited about our collaboration! As a family team with extensive experience, we offer a wide range of services, from portrait photography to documenting significant events. Our work includes a personalized approach to your needs and wishes. With us, you not only receive professional photography services but also the personal care and attention that are crucial in our profession. We believe that every moment is unique, and our goal is to capture its magic and atmosphere, ensuring that your memories remain alive for a long time. Prague photographer.

Pregnancy photoshoot Prague

Pregnancy photoshoot Prague surroundings

As a photographer specializing in pregnancy photography in Prague, I see every such opportunity as a precious chance to capture one of the most intimate moments in a woman’s life. My mission is to capture the true, deep emotions associated with pregnancy, reflecting not only joy and anticipation but also showcasing the unique beauty and strength of the female body during this significant period. I strive to make each shot tell a personal story, full of emotion and depth, becoming a valuable memory not only for the mother but for the entire family.

I emphasize creating a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere during the photo session to allow capturing the most sincere and authentic moments. I approach pregnancy photography as an artistic expression, where each photograph reflects the uniqueness and beauty of pregnancy. My work is dedicated to capturing the magical moments that can be shared and celebrated with family and friends for many years to come. Prague photographer.

Newborn photographer Prague

Prague newborn photographer

As a photographer in Prague, I view newborn photography as a precious opportunity to capture the first moments of new life. When working with babies, I approach them with patience and care, so I can sensitively capture their delicate beauty and innocence. I focus on small details such as tiny fingers, soft hair, and tranquil expressions, so these moments become cherished memories for families throughout their lives. My work aims to create natural and emotional photographs that not only showcase the fragility of these little beings but also highlight the deep love and bond between parents and their newborn child.

In each shot, I strive to create natural and emotional images that not only depict the fragility and uniqueness of these little beings but also emphasize the strong connection and love between parents and their newborn baby. My photos reflect the tranquility, comfort, and security that are so important for newborns. Additionally, I am always open to the individual preferences of parents, aiming to make each photography session a pleasant and unforgettable experience for the whole family.

When working with newborns, I adhere to the highest standards of safety and comfort. I use natural light and gentle materials to ensure the baby’s comfort and safety. My goal is to create photos that are not only aesthetically appealing but also tell the story of new life and the infinite love that surrounds it. Newborn Prague photographer.

Family photographer Prague

Family photographer PragueAs a photographer specializing in family photography in Prague, I have the opportunity to capture genuine moments shared among family members. During these photo sessions, I focus on creating a relaxed environment so that families can feel comfortable and natural. My goal is to capture the vibrancy and spontaneity of family life, from loving glances and children’s laughter to unexpected hugs. In each photograph, I strive to capture the warmth and unique bond that unites the family, creating memorable photos that families cherish and remind them of the unforgettable moments spent together.

My primary objective is to reveal and capture the warmth and unique connections that bind individual family members in each photograph. I emphasize capturing natural emotions and dynamics that exist among them, so these images serve as valuable and long-lasting memories, reminding them of the unforgettable moments spent together.

I aim to capture the uniqueness of each family, whether it’s everyday moments or special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, or family gatherings. My work is not just about creating beautiful images but also about capturing the stories behind these pictures and creating a legacy that can be passed down from generation to generation. Prague photographer.

Couple photoshoot Prague

Couple photoshoot PraguePhotographing couples provides a unique approach to capturing their emotions and shared experiences. My goal is not only to capture traditional poses but also to capture spontaneous moments and dynamics that eloquently express their relationship and uniqueness. Whether it’s intimate, quiet scenes or lively, joyful moments, the key is to capture the essence of their love and togetherness. Prague offers countless settings for photography – from historic landmarks to modern streets, each location brings a unique dimension to the photos and allows for reflecting the dynamics of the couple. When working in an urban environment, it is important to utilize its architecture and atmosphere in a way that enhances and emphasizes the story of the photographed couple.

Prague, with its rich history and diverse architecture, provides numerous settings for couples’ photography. From majestic historic landmarks and romantic corners of the Old Town to modern streets and urban scenes, each place offers a unique context for photos and allows for reflecting the distinct dynamics of each couple. I use the individual elements of Prague’s architecture and atmosphere not only to complement but also to enhance and support the story and character of the photographed couple.

During the photo session, I strive to create a natural and relaxed environment in which couples can feel comfortable and authentic. This allows me to capture genuine and unpretentious emotions and interactions that naturally arise from their relationship. Together with the couple, I work on creating a concept and style of photography that best suits their personalities and preferences, whether it’s a romantic walk through Malá Strana, an afternoon in Vršovice, or spontaneous moments in one of Prague’s parks. My goal is to create photographs that not only capture moments but also tell the story of love and shared time. Prague photographer.

Christmas photoshoot Prague

Home Christmas photoshoot PragueChristmas photography is a captivating way to capture the beautiful holiday atmosphere and the warmth of family gatherings. In Prague, I can offer lifestyle photography right in your home. The glowing Christmas lights and decorations give the photos an unforgettable Christmas atmosphere and create a feeling of homey comfort. This is the perfect opportunity to capture natural moments of families and couples that reflect the Christmas spirit. The goal is to combine traditional Christmas elements with the individual style of each family or couple, so that the final photos are not only aesthetically stunning but also filled with emotions and memories.

I aim to combine traditional Christmas elements such as decorated trees, candles, wreaths, and gifts with the individual style and atmosphere of each family or couple. The objective is for each photograph to be not only aesthetically impressive but also filled with emotions and memories that are unique to each family.

In addition to classic family portraits, I focus on capturing spontaneous and authentic moments – children unwrapping gifts, family baking, decorating the tree together, or simply moments of relaxation and joy at the Christmas table. These photos not only reflect the Christmas atmosphere but also the deep family bond and love that surround these holidays.

My work during this magical time is about capturing the feelings that are so typical of Christmas – joy, comfort, hope, and love. Whether you desire traditional Christmas portraits or are looking for a creative and informal approach, I am here to help you create memories that you will want to cherish and share with family and friends for a lifetime. Christmas Photography Prague. Prague photographer.

Wedding photographer Prague

Wedding photographer PragueMy goal is to be as unobtrusive as possible and capture the most genuine moments – such as the moment when your partner first sees you in the wedding aisle or the reaction of your mother during the exchange of rings. There are so many beautiful scenes that unfold at weddings, and it would be a shame to miss them. I am primarily dedicated to capturing authentic emotions, the atmosphere, and the deep connection between you and your partner during photography. Your Prague wedding photographer.

My approach is focused on capturing authentic emotions and the atmosphere of your day. From intimate glances and unexpected tears of happiness to bursts of joy and laughter, each shot is carefully chosen to tell the story of your wedding day. I strive to be an invisible observer, capturing the deep connection between you and your partner, as well as the relationships between family and friends. Prague photographer.

Pre-wedding photoshoot Prague

Pre wedding photography Prague - Monika Balvar SukenikovaEvery wedding package I offer also includes pre-wedding photography. This opportunity is not only a great way to get to know me as your future wedding photographer but also serves as valuable preparation for the wedding day. Pre-wedding photography is ideal for you to become accustomed to the camera and gain a better understanding of what to expect from wedding photography.

This photography session typically takes place in the idyllic surroundings of the Beskydy mountains, where the relaxed natural environment allows us to discuss all the important aspects of wedding photography, providing the perfect backdrop for romantic and natural shots. Prague photographer.

Wedding dress Prague

Wedding dress Prague Dress for wedding PragueThe sale of second-hand wedding dresses is becoming increasingly popular as part of the sustainable fashion trend. This approach not only promotes a more environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative in the realm of bridal attire but also provides future brides with the opportunity to acquire dresses that they may not have been able to afford at their original prices. Purchasing a second-hand wedding dress can significantly reduce the environmental impact associated with the production of new dresses, which often involves extensive water, energy, and resource consumption.

Furthermore, the second-hand clothing market offers the chance to rediscover and appreciate the elegance and quality of dresses that already have a history. This extends the lifespan of the dresses and supports the idea that wedding dresses don’t have to be for one-time use only. This practice is beneficial not only for the environment but also for brides looking for a unique style at an affordable price.

Moreover, buying a second-hand wedding dress can be a very personal and romantic experience, as each dress carries its unique story. This approach to wedding attire allows brides to share in the joy and love through dresses that have been a part of another beautiful wedding day while promoting sustainable and ethical consumption habits. Wedding dresses in Prague offer the opportunity to choose from a rich assortment of dresses with a history that are part of the sustainable fashion trend. Prague photographer.

Test shoot and fashion photographer Prague

Prague test shootIn Prague, I photograph test shoots and fashion photography. Prague photographer.

Prague Photographer

I look forward to the opportunity to visit Prague, where I can capture the unforgettable atmosphere and unique moments of your wedding day, family gathering, or fashion photography session. This historic city offers countless possibilities for creating breathtaking and emotional photographs, from romantic corners of the old town to modern architectural marvels.

In addition to my on-location work, I also have my own photo studio, which serves as an ideal space for lifestyle photography. In the studio, I create images in an environment designed to reflect a unique atmosphere and style. I specialize in crafting photographs that not only capture beauty and aesthetics but also tell a story and depict the personality of my subject. The studio is equipped with various props and backgrounds, allowing me to offer a wide range of visual styles and themes – from classic portraits to creative and artistic shots to modern and trendy compositions.

I strive to capture the essence of the moment and the story in each shot to create images that will be a cherished memory for you throughout your life. Prague photographer.

Frequently asked questions and answers

You pay a deposit at the time of signing the contract, and the second part of the payment after the wedding.

 The most popular dates can be booked even a year in advance, but I often have availability even during the season .

I am a candid photographer. I try to blend in as much as possible with the surroundings and the wedding guests, which gives me a great opportunity to capture authentic shots. As for couple’s photography, unless the bride and groom specifically request it, we don’t unnecessarily stray far from the wedding day location. We either shoot right on the spot or within a 10-minute walk around the area. The couple’s photo session itself lasts a maximum of 45 minutes. I don’t insist on shooting exactly at sunset. I advise couples on the best light for photography, but I don’t stick to the golden hour like most photographers.

4. I usually deliver wedding photographs within 5–6 weeks. This will also be stated in the contract.

You will receive a handmade photo book from, as well as 50 printed photographs and all the photos in digital form, which I will back up for you for five years.


Bride Michaela
I don’t even know where to start… Monča was our clear favorite as soon as we saw her website. I must say, I love candid shots, black and white photography, and really capturing the moment you remember for the rest of your life. And that was the main essence of choosing Monča’s work. For us “photography lovers”, the pre-wedding and wedding shoots were a big challenge. And you know what? There’s nothing to worry about, no one tells you how to stand, whether to put your hand down or up. You behave naturally, crazily, as you feel at the moment. And the reward? Divine photos… Thank you once again for being there with us! And we look forward to working together again.
Bride Mirka
We chose this photographer for our wedding and couldn’t have made a better choice. Beautiful photographs and especially authentic. Natural candid shots. And we also enjoyed the pre-wedding photo shoot. Thank you.
Bride Klara

I definitely recommend Monča. Very friendly, you won’t feel shy with her. She has a strong sense of aesthetics and an eye for colors and details, looking forward to more photo shoots hopefully in the near future.