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Hello, I Am Monika, Prague wedding photographer

If you are looking for a wedding photographer in Prague or surroundings, I am here for you with my photography services. My mission is to capture all the precious moments of your big day, with attention to the subtle nuances that add depth and magic to your memories. I believe that true beauty is about genuine emotions – from joyful smiles to tearful moments. With my photos, these moments will remain captured with care and love, allowing you to relive your wedding day whenever you look at the photos. I do my best to capture unforgettable memories for your entire life.

Prague wedding photographer

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HELLO, I AM MONIKA, Prague wedding photographer

I am a photographer specializing in family and wedding photos. I capture emotions, dynamics, the venue, and the intimate bond between family members and couples in love. Photography for me is not just a profession, but especially a passion. If you are looking for natural photo session with no posing, I look forward to discussing the possibility of our cooperation. I speak Czech, but also English and Polish, so don´t hesitate to contact me in any of those language options.

As a wedding photographer, I specialize in capturing unforgettable moments at weddings in Prague and its surroundings. My photos are about dynamics, authentic emotions and candid moments that make each wedding unique. Thanks to my professional experiences, I´m able to capture the beauty and uniqueness of every moment.

During weddings, I work discreetly, which allows me to capture candid moments without disturbing the flow of your day. My photos are full of emotions. I capture both the main parts of events and the small, often overlooked moments.

My role is to be present where unforgettable stories are happening, while remaining a silent observer. My goal is to capture the atmosphere and emotions of the entire day, from the getting ready of the bride and groom, through the ceremony, to the evening party.

My work is a narration of your story through emotional and sincere photographs. I believe that every wedding is unique and every couple deserves to have their precious memories captured with the highest professionalism. My mission is to capture the beauty and joy of your big day and create lasting memories.

I am here to be a witness and narrator of your love story through my photographs. I do my work with passion to ensure that your memories are perfectly captured for future generations. Wedding photographer from PragueWedding photography Prague

My family team

Prague photographersI never work alone, but as a family, we make an amazing team, consisting of me, my husband Lukas, and our daughter Viki. Lukas plays a key role in our team, taking care of the logistics of our travels, engaging in graphic design, managing our website, and marketing strategies. His talent for final photo edits ensures that each image achieves perfection.

Viki, our daughter, is a constant source of inspiration and joy. This mini me reminds us the true values of life and helps us maintain a balance between work commitment and family life. Her boundless energy and innocent view of the world bring not only joy to our team but also original and fresh ideas.

Thanks to the collaboration of our family team, we achieve success. This allows us to provide complete and personal services that reflect our family values and passion for photography. Although we live in the beautiful Beskydy mountains, our work often takes us to various corners of the Czech Republic, where we capture unforgettable moments and create unique, authentic images that reflect our family cohesion and love for photography. I work throughout the Czech Republic and very often as a wedding photographer in Prague and its surroundings. Prague wedding photographer.


How do I photograph weddings? As a wedding photographer, I liken myself to a quiet shadow, moving unobtrusively among your guests without disturbing or intervening in the course of your wedding. My photographs are the product of careful and hidden observation, capturing the most authentic and sincere moments between you and your partner. Each shot is enriched with the authenticity and depth that I am able to capture due to my almost invisible presence.

In my work, I focus on capturing the true emotions, atmosphere, and special bond that you share with your partner. The result is truthful and emotional wedding images that reveal the depth and intensity of your special day. You may not even notice that I am there, but my photographs will testify to every laugh, tear of joy, and unique moments that occurred. In this way, I capture the essence of your wedding without disturbing its natural beauty and charm.

My main task as a wedding photographer is to create an environment where everyone feels relaxed and natural. This enables me to capture authentic emotional expressions and mutual affection among guests. Therefore, my photographs not only display the visual aspect of the wedding but also the depth and intensity of feelings and bonds among people who participate in the event. With this approach, I not only create images but also unforgettable memories that will stay with you for a lifetime. Prague wedding photographer.

Wedding photography package

For ten hours, I will be your companion, capturing both the magical moments of the wedding day and the intimate atmosphere of the pre-wedding preparations. During that time, I will be able to capture all the moments of your big day. The result will be more than 500 professionally processed photographs and 50 printed images in the size of 10×15 cm. As a bonus for you, I will compile a photo book measuring 30×20 cm, which will become a family heirloom. I provide my services throughout the Czech Republic, and the package includes travel within 100 km, making your planning easier without hidden fees. Prague wedding photographer.

Pre-wedding photoshoots Prague

Pre-wedding session Prague

My wedding package includes not only photography on the wedding day but also offers pre-wedding photoshoots, which are much more than standard photography. Pre-wedding photography is a way of creating personal stories, capturing unique moments of affection and deep understanding between partners. This opportunity also makes a close contact, which allows us to better understand your wishes and expectations for the wedding day.

These photoshoots are often done in the Beskydy mountains, where various weather conditions – from fog through light rain to sunshine – bring a unique story and character to each photograph. This is how unforgettable images are created, full of emotions and revealing the special relationship between you. Of course, pre-wedding photography can take place anywhere in the Czech Republic, according to your ideas.

Pre-wedding photoshoots are not only focused on capturing romance and aesthetics but also on revealing the strength and depth of your relationship. As a photographer, I focus on capturing intimate and sincere moments that reflect your love and connection. These moments not only create beautiful visual memories but also strengthen your bond before the wedding day. Pre-wedding photography is designed to create a comfortable and friendly atmosphere, where you can express your love without worry and deepen your relationship, while also gaining precious and truthful images that you will want to keep for a lifetime. Your Prague wedding photographer.

Secret engagement Prague

Secret proposal Prague

Beyond the usual wedding and pre-wedding photography, I also offer special secret engagement photo shoots. This service is perfect for those who want to capture this big moment in their relationship with authenticity and an element of surprise. As a photographer, I am completely inconspicuous and hidden during the secret engagement photo shoot, allowing me to be a quiet witness of your significant moment, while capturing the natural and unique reactions of your partner.

Thorough planning and coordination are crucial for capturing this special moment naturally and with deep emotional impact. My goal is not only to provide you with aesthetically appealing photographs but also to preserve the memory of the excitement, joy, and sincere love that surrounds the engagement.

Each package is carefully tailored to your personal wishes and style. My intention is to ensure that this significant moment is captured exactly as it reflects your unique personality and taste. My wish is for your engagement to be not only a unique experience but also a beautifully documented narrative of your love. I will create images for you that are not only visually stunning but also emotionally rich, capturing the essence of your relationship and this unforgettable moment. Your Prague wedding photographer.

Wedding dresses Prague

Dress Prague Seconhand wedding dress Prague Wedding drress Prague Wedding dress seconhand Prague Wedding dress Prague

It’s becoming increasingly common for brides to choose wedding dresses with their own history for their big day. This trend reflects a growing interest in environmentally friendly fashion and demonstrates a more ecological approach to wedding world. In addition to fulfilling the dream of beautiful dresses at a lower cost, brides also contribute to reducing the ecological impact associated with the production of new dresses, including significant water, energy, and other resource consumption.

The market for pre-worn wedding dresses offers a chance to appreciate the beauty and quality of previously worn dresses that already carry their own story. This approach promotes the long-term use of dresses and encourages the idea that wedding dresses can be worn multiple times, which is beneficial for both the environment and brides seeking a unique and affordable style.

Choosing second-hand wedding dresses can be a very personal and romantic experience. Each piece of clothing brings its own story of love and joy, which brides can share while supporting sustainable and ethical fashion.

Sustainable fashion represents an approach to the creation and production of clothing that focuses on minimizing negative environmental impact and supports socially responsible practices. This direction aims to reduce waste and emissions, uses environmentally friendly materials, and promotes ethical working conditions in the fashion world.

The concept of ‘slow fashion’ is a response to traditional ‘fast fashion,’ where the emphasis is on quality over quantity, producing more durable garments less dependent on constantly changing trends, thereby reducing the need for continuous new purchases.

Sustainable fashion also supports transparency in the clothing industry, allowing consumers to better understand the origins and manufacturing processes of their clothing, and thus make more informed purchasing decisions. This approach not only protects our natural environment but also supports ethical and fair working conditions in the global textile industry. I am here for you as your wedding photographer in Prague. Your wedding photographer in Prague.

Blog - Prague wedding photographer

On my blog, you will find wedding galleries. These contain truthful images from various weddings I have had the opportunity to photograph, showing a wide range of styles, themes, and atmospheres, providing couples with a rich source of visual inspiration for their own wedding day. Each gallery is like a unique story, capturing moments from getting ready to the celebration itself.

My blog is also a place where I share personal insights and experiences from my work as a wedding photographer. These articles offer valuable insights into what really goes into organizing a wedding and how to best capture it. With love and care, I regularly add new content to support and inspire couples on their journey to an unforgettable wedding day. I am here to help you make your wedding day as beautiful as possible. Prague wedding photographer.

Wedding Guide Prague - Prague wedding photographer

In each of my wedding photography packages, I offer a carefully prepared wedding guide, based on my extensive experience in wedding photography. This guide is full of valuable information and tips that help brides and grooms prepare for their big day. From planning the wedding to its execution, the guide contains advice for every aspect that should be considered in the preparations.

The main goal of this guide is to make it easier for couples to organize their wedding, while ensuring that their wedding photos accurately reflect their personal style and story. It provides a comprehensive overview of everything they should focus on when planning their wedding, from choosing the venue and flowers to compiling the day’s schedule.

The wedding guide also serves as a source of inspiration for original and creative wedding photography. It offers ideas on how to highlight the uniqueness of each couple and create something irreplaceable from their photos. Each guide is individually made to the needs and wishes of a specific couple, to ensure their wedding day is not only perfectly documented but also an unforgettable experience.

This guide is my way of supporting couples on their journey to the perfect wedding day, emphasizing the importance of every detail and moment. As your wedding photographer from Prague, I am here to help you capture and experience every precious moment of your wedding. Prague wedding photographer.

Are you interested in wedding photography in Prague and its surroundings?

Great, I would now like to hear more about you and your plans. I am curious about when and where you plan to hold your wedding, what your specific ideas are, and what specific requirements you have for wedding photography. Please send me all the details regarding your big day. Once I receive them, I will be able to answer any questions and together we can discuss the next steps in the planning process.

My calendar for this and the upcoming wedding season is filling up quickly, so do not hesitate to contact me as soon as possible to ensure we have enough time for planning and preparation. Your wedding day deserves a unique approach and I look forward to the opportunity to work with you to create something truly unforgettable.

As a ‘Wedding Photographer Prague,’ I am committed to providing you with unique and irreplaceable photographs that capture the beauty and emotional depth of your wedding day in Prague. Let’s collaborate to create something truly magical and exceptional that represents your love story in the best light. I look forward to the opportunity to be a part of your wedding story. Prague wedding photographer.


Looking for a wedding photographer in Prague? I am thrilled to come to this beautiful city to capture the unique atmosphere of your wedding day. Prague is a city with an incomparable charm, where history blends with the modern era, all enriched by the beauty of its old streets and the picturesque flow of the Vltava River. I love this metropolis and its romantic nooks, providing the perfect backdrop for creating unforgettable wedding photos.

If you’re seeking authentic and vivid wedding photography that captures the essence of your special day, I am here to help. Together, we can create beautiful visual memories that reflect your love and happiness. These images will not only show the beauty and atmosphere of your day but will also become a precious legacy proudly passed down from generation to generation.

We can utilize many of Prague’s picturesque locations, from the mysterious alleys of the Old Town to the idyllic banks of the Vltava and historic landmarks like Prague Castle or Charles Bridge. Each place has its own story and magic, which can add a unique dimension to your wedding photographs. Prague wedding photographer.

Frequently asked questions and answers - Prague wedding photographer

You pay a deposit at the time of signing the contract, and the second part of the payment after the wedding.

 The most popular dates can be booked even a year in advance, but I often have availability even during the season .

I am a candid photographer. I try to blend in as much as possible with the surroundings and the wedding guests, which gives me a great opportunity to capture authentic shots. As for couple’s photography, unless the bride and groom specifically request it, we don’t unnecessarily stray far from the wedding day location. We either shoot right on the spot or within a 10-minute walk around the area. The couple’s photo session itself lasts a maximum of 45 minutes. I don’t insist on shooting exactly at sunset. I advise couples on the best light for photography, but I don’t stick to the golden hour like most photographers.

4. I usually deliver wedding photographs within 5–6 weeks. This will also be stated in the contract.

You will receive a handmade photo book from, as well as 50 printed photographs and all the photos in digital form, which I will back up for you for five years.

Testimonials - Prague wedding photographer

Bride Michaela
I don’t even know where to start… Monča was our clear favorite as soon as we saw her website. I must say, I love candid shots, black and white photography, and really capturing the moment you remember for the rest of your life. And that was the main essence of choosing Monča’s work. For us “photography lovers”, the pre-wedding and wedding shoots were a big challenge. And you know what? There’s nothing to worry about, no one tells you how to stand, whether to put your hand down or up. You behave naturally, crazily, as you feel at the moment. And the reward? Divine photos… Thank you once again for being there with us! And we look forward to working together again.
Bride Mirka
We chose this photographer for our wedding and couldn’t have made a better choice. Beautiful photographs and especially authentic. Natural candid shots. And we also enjoyed the pre-wedding photo shoot. Thank you.
Bride Klara

I definitely recommend Monča. Very friendly, you won’t feel shy with her. She has a strong sense of aesthetics and an eye for colors and details, looking forward to more photo shoots hopefully in the near future.