Intimate December elopement – Terka and Vojta – Želiv Monastery

December 12, 2020. In the year, the government constantly limited lives of common people. We already could smell Christmas in the air. It was so cold and little frosted snowflakes were flying magically.

For me, It was the shortest wedding shooting, despite it will always stay in my heart and memories for its uniqueness and intimacy. Every time I remember the elopement, I can feel the cold weather but at the same I can also feel the warmth of loved ones who could stay side by side Terka and Vojta when they were getting married.

The shooting started from bride getting ready in Želiv Monastery. The ceremony took place in the gorgeous Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary. The governmental actions permitted only 10 people at the weddings at that time. Despite those limits, the elopement was so charming.